New Lawn FAQs

Have a question about any of our turf lawn products? Check our FAQs as we may have the answer, otherwise we would love to hear from you so give us a call. You can also find information about the individual turf varieties that we sell by visiting the following pages.

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General Lawn FAQ’s

Is there a minimum amount of turf that I have to order?

At AGTurf, there is no job too big or too small.  Small orders of even just 1 roll can be ordered to pick up from our farm at Lorn.  For delivery, there is a minimum order of 20 rolls, but there is certainly no maximum! So with no order too big or small, make sure you make us your first choice when purchasing a new lawn.

When my lawn is delivered, can I get the turf put where I need it?

When you have your new lawn delivered by AGTurf, the delivery will be made using an all-terrain forklift, so we can place the turf where you need it.  The turf will be slid off the pallet and we’ll take the pallet away. This means you wont be left with unsightly pallets hanging around ruining the look of your new lawn.  Its all part of the service our team at AGTurf Lawn Solutions are happy to offer.

What days are available for delivery and what areas do you service?

AGTurf’s delivery service is available Monday through Friday.  We deliver to all areas from Newcastle, Nelson Bay, Tea Gardens, Dungog, Muswellbrook, Cessnock, Morisset, and of course Maitland and all areas in between.

We do have allocated days which we deliver to certain areas, however if you do need turf on a specific day, we will do our very best to accommodate it wherever possible but contact us to ensure we can deliver on the day you require..

Can AGTurf quote to prepare and install my new lawn?

AGTurf will happily provide one of our contractors to come to your home and complete a full onsite quotation for your new lawn including preparing and laying.  Simply call or email us to arrange this service. Our specialists can attend your location to get your lawn looking amazing.

Is Sir Walter available in seed?

Unfortunately not. Sir Walter can produce seed heads when it is stressed, however, they are a male sterile seed and therefore not viable for propagation.

How soon can I have my turf?

We would prefer a couple of days notice, however, if you place the order before 11.00am, we can generally deliver it the following day.

Is pick up available?

Pick-ups are cut fresh to order, available for collection from our picturesque farm at Lorn.  We’ll even happily help you load it, forking the pallet onto your ute, truck or trailer.  Pick-ups are available week days from 7am to 4pm and by prior arrangement on Saturday mornings.

When is the best time to fertilise?

We recommend for you to fertilise approximately 6 weeks after laying your turf. Then for best results fertilise a minimum of 3 times a year, in September, December, and March/April.

Do I need to remove existing lawn or weeds?

Yes, we recommend you spray out any existing grass and weeds with a non-selective herbicide such as Glyphosate or Round Up.  For best results, spray at least twice allowing at least 14 days between spray applications and before you plan to lay your new lawn.  Scrape the dead matter off the surface or rotary hoe the ground once all grass and weeds have been killed.

Which topsoil is best?

We recommend a lawn underlay which has 80% sand and 20% soil mix which also contains organic matter.

How much do I need to water?

For the 2-3 weeks, you do need to keep your newly laid lawn moist.  A good indicator is to lay an old towel on your lawn.  Every time the towel dries out, move the towel and turn on your sprinklers.  The frequency will depend on the time of year and the weather, but you may need to water at least 3-4 times a day during the hotter summer months.

Will my turf lose colour in the winter?

All warm season grasses will lose some colour over the winter period as they are not actively growing over this period, and particularly if they are in an exposed area such as the nature strip.  This can be lessened to a degree by fertilising in autumn.

How will I know when my lawn is established?

This can be checked easily by finding an edge of the turf and trying to lift it up.  If it comes up too easily, it’s not established, if it’s hard to pull up, then it’s fully established.

When can I mow my new lawn?

Once your lawn is established, you can give it its first very light mow.  Just be sure never to take more than one-third of the leaf tip off in any one mowing.

What should I use to top dress?

We recommend coarse river sand for top dressing.  Make sure that you mow prior to applying and rake the sand through thoroughly to ensure you have the leaf tips poking through so that your lawn does not suffocate underneath.