Nullarbor Couch Lawn Care

How to install and maintain your Nullarbor Couch

Nullarbor Couch is your perfect choice to produce a manicured lawn that stands out giving a long lasting performance in full sun areas.  Nullarbor Couch grows best in full sun and when treated to regular mowing, watering and fertilising, maintaining a dense vigorous sward.

Nullarbor Couch is very hardy and has good drought tolerance.  It comes out of dormancy quickly and recovers well, however it will discolour if the temperature drops below 5°C.  It is a proven performer suitable for a range of applications from home lawns to sporting applications, commercial parks and grasslands.


Nullarbor Couch has a long fine blade with a luscious blue-green colour and strong horizontal growth habit;

Important points for Nullarbor Couch installation:

  • Install the grass immediately after delivery/pick up as it will easily dry out, and there is also the risk that it may heat up resulting in burn on the leaves inside the rolls.
  • Lay on a bed of 50-100mm of quality turf underlay
  • Use Lawn Solutions Australia Lawn Launcher at label rates to give the grass a head start and retain moisture in the new soil bed
  • Roll to compact new turf to improve contact with the soil
  • Soak the newly laid turf thoroughly for 10-14 days after installation or until established
  • Reduce irrigation once established and water only when the grass appears to be dry
  • Mow lightly as soon as the grass has rooted in to promote lateral growth


Nullarbor Couch will perform at its best and have when fertilised regularly throughout the year with a good slow release fertiliser.  Fertilising will also minimise thatch build up.

Important points for fertilising Nullarbor Couch:

  • Apply Lawn Solutions Australia fertiliser at a rate of 25g/m2 or 2.5kg/100m2
  • Fertilise 2–3 times per year including spring autumn to improve overall health

Weed and Pest Control

Nullarbor Couch has a good dense cover, particularly when kept well maintained, however there will be times when weed control will be necessary.

Most commercially available chemical weed and pest control products can be used on Nullarbor Couch, but it is always best to read the label and check with your Lawn Solutions Australia grower for recommended products before any application.


Nullarbor Couch is a can survive fairly dry conditions once established, however responds best to regular watering.  Important points for watering of Nullarbor Couch:

  • Water every 7-10 days during the warmer months, only minimal watering during winter
  • When watering, deeply soak the top 100mm of soil
  • Water early morning for improved efficiency and plant health


Nullarbor Couch requires is easy to take care of only requiring mowing every 7-14 days being a low growing grass.

Important points for mowing Nullarbor Couch:

  • Ensure that mower blades are sharp to prevent tearing of the leaf
  • Never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade at any one time unless dethatching
  • Dethatch to remove any sponginess in spring for best results
  • Maintain a height of 15-25mm for best coverage and presentation

Shady Areas

Nullarbor Couch thrives in a hot sunny climate, requiring 6-7 hours of direct sunlight per day.  It will not perform well in shaded areas.

For further advice on Nullarbor Couch and general lawn care tips, please contact us at AGTurf on 02 4934 1000