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At AGTurf, we are dedicated to providing the best lawns. As an accredited member of Lawn Solutions Australia, we are able to supply couch from the Lawn Solutions Australia House of Brands which includes Nullarbor Couch. We have selected the variety CT-2 couch to be the best performing couch variety in our area, and our choice to wear the premium badge of Nullarbor Couch. Our Nullarbor Couch is a low maintenance variety which is a proven performer with a longer blade than other varieties and a lusciuous blue-green colour.

Hardy Choice

Nullarbor Couch is very hardy and has very good drought tolerance. It recovers much quicker than other couches, and comes out of winter dormancy much quicker than other couch lawns. As with all varieties of couch, it will discolour if temperature drops below 5ºC. Uses for Nullarbor Couch include home lawns, a range of sports applications such as bowling greens, sports fields and golf courses, plus commercial parks and grasslands.

Low Maintenance

Nullarbor Couch is a very low maintenance couch which requires only half the watering and fertilising as other couch varieties. It will only need to be mowed every 7 – 14 days, producing a lot less lawn clippings. Nullarbor Couch will also tolerate low mowing and the use of most selective sprays.

10 Year Warranty

As AGTurf are a member of the Lawn Solutions Australia group, your purchase of Nullarbor Couch will also be covered by the Lawn Solutions Australia 10 Year Product Warranty, which means your lawn will be freshly cut and arrive free from weeds, pests and disease.

“AGTurf has been the supplier of “Sir Walter” to all our property developments over the past 3 years. Turf has been of high quality and delivery service always reliable.”

John Thomson, Paddington Properties
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