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At AGTurf Lawn Solutions, we are dedicated to providing the best lawns, and as an accredited member of Lawn Solutions Australia, we are able to supply kikuyu from the Lawn Solutions Australia House of Brands which includes Eureka Kikuyu. Eureka Kikuyu is a hardy all-rounder and is the best performing kikuyu for our area.

Fast Repairer

Eureka Kikuyu has a creeping rapid growth habit which means it will spread and repair itself quite quickly if damaged. It will however it will creep into surrounding garden beds if not kept under control. It also had a very deep root system which means it will stand up quite well to the heat of the summer. Mowing is required every 5 – 7 days for best results.

Economical All-rounder

Eureka Kikuyu has vigorous growth and its complexion is made up of a broad coarse leaf and is of a broad runner style. It withholds colour well in most conditions, however it will not tolerate shade or excessive dampness. Being the most economical choice, Eureka Kikuyu is ideal for planting out larger areas and high traffic areas.  Other uses for Eureka Kikuyu include home lawns with a full sun aspect, golf courses fairways, commercial sites and parklands.

10 Year Warranty

As AGTurf Lawn Solutions are a member of the Lawn Solutions Australia group, your purchase of Eureka Kikuyu will also be covered by the Lawn Solutions Australia 10 Year Product Warranty, which means your lawn will be freshly cut and arrive free from weeds, pests and disease.

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