Spring growth surge

Spring growth surge

September 6, 2019

Has your lawn had a strong lift in its growth? This is your lawn’s spring growth surge.

Spring is the time when the flowers are blooming, and your gardens are beginning to sing. Your lawn responds to consistent higher temperatures in spring just like the flowers and plants in your garden.

What is spring growth surge?

Spring Surge Growth is created by warmer temperatures which assist the soil temperature to increase. With the addition of water and fertiliser, your lawn will break the winter dormancy and it will increase in leaf growth and root production.

It is important during this time that you maintain an even growth curve without over fertilising – excessive fertiliser causes excessive leaf growth and grass clippings which is obviously not preferable to achieving a low maintenance lawn.

The best lawn care pattern for spring involves the following:

  • Aerate the soil profile to assist with even water movement throughout the roots of your lawn. (This will be easier if there is some moisture in the soil, so shortly after rain is ideal)
  • Fertilise your lawn as per the label rates
  • Water in thoroughly

Most turf surfaces require one or two applications of fertiliser during the spring and summer period, but this will vary based on the amount of wear your lawn is subjected to during the growing months. During the hotter months it is also recommended to apply a soil wetting agent to assist with this water movement and to prevent your turf from drying out unevenly.

This extreme growth surge that occurs during spring will only last for a few weeks, at which time growth rates will normalise. Frequent mowing will still be required, but it will be a lot more manageable and the consistency of tissue growth will improve.